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    Educare ELC manage 6 early learning centres in Auckland and Hamilton. They were spending a reasonable budget advertising on Google, but did not feel they were getting the results they should have been. They decided to reach out to Adcelerate after hearing what a great job we were doing with other customers.
    We conducted a thorough audit of the existing Google Ads campaigns, and found them to be poorly constructed, poorly optimised, and wasting most of the budget on poorly targeted searches. We rebuilt new Google Ads campaigns from scratch, and the turn around in results was immediate and dramatic!

    Proven Results For:

    Katy Brown | Centre Manager
    The Learning Corner Ellerslie
    We noticed magical improvements! 18 Website Enquiries in 1 month are amazing results & we are extremely happy with the results generated.  We look forward to grow with Adcelerate!
    Amanda Hodgson | Financial Officer

    Archway Group

    We have been working with Adcelerate since 2016, running both Google and Facebook advertising.  In that time our business has grown 38% per year, thanks in no small part to our digital marketing.


    I’ve tried Google AdWords before, and I didn’t see the benefit. Why would this time be any different?

    Google Ads (AdWords) can be a very effective tool to show your business and your brand to people searching specifically for the services or products you offer. But Google Advertising is very easy to get wrong. Creating an effective Google Ads campaign is not straight forward, and takes a lot of skill, experience and dedication.

    Adcelerate have years of experience in childcare advertising in NZ. We know exactly what people are searching for, and how to tailor our campaigns to deliver the best qualified leads.  We have a 95% success rate in delivering better results than any other digital marketing agency, and in some cases have increased leads 600% for the same level of ad spend.

    If I wish to continue the advertising after the initial trial period, how much do I have to spend?

    Google is a cost-per-click form of advertising. Everything else being equal*, the more you spend, the more clicks and enquiries you will receive. Typically early learning centres spend between $300 and $800 per month per centre, but this can vary between suburb, city and region. In general a $600/month budget delivers very good results. 

    * Note that a poorly configured campaign will require a lot more spend to achieve sub-par results. We often see up to 90% wastage in Google Ad campaigns built by other agencies, or built by customers themselves with the help of Google Support.

    What percentage of the ad spend goes to Google, and how much do Adcelerate take as management fee?

    For the trial offer, all the money will go to Google. We are waiving our management fee and donating our time for free, in order to show customers what Google advertising can achieve.

    For ongoing campaigns, our goal is to deliver the best return on investment to the customer. This is not the same thing as delivering the highest Google ad spend.  We have many customers who thought they were getting a good deal with other agencies, spending as little as $80/month in management. However there was no optimisation being done, and over half the Google budget was being wasted. For the same overall spend, we reduce the Google budget, increase the management fee, and spend our time optimising the campaign. In all cases we deliver a much better result, up to twice the number of clicks and up to six times the number of conversions than previously.

    What Our Clients
    Say About Us

    “Adcelerate has been amazing to work with and has helped our company a great deal. I would recommend these guys to everyone.”

    Craig Simmonds

    “Highly recommend the Adcelerate team! They are at the TOP for service and help in the web world. Nothing is ever a problem and very helpful. Our company website performance is great – after another company failed us.”

    Jon Taylor

    “Highly engaged premium digital marketing provider – highly recommended!”

    Adam Gordon

    “Fantastic company to deal with, speak plain language, great results. Best company we have dealt with for our online presence and marketing.”

    Steve Riordan