The benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the basic items that your website should contain. It is a tool that collects all data about actions or traffic that occurs on your website. It then processes and saves this data in a database, and creates reports based on them. The data is collected with the help of a unique code that is added to the header of your website. The website tracking code will record all information about actions on your website.

With Google Analytics you can find out who your website visitors are and what they are interested in, but also measure conversions and ROI.

Google Analytics gives you insights on:

• How many visitors are on your site (in real-time and in custom time periods)
• Where users come from and what devices and browsers they use
• Demographic structure of users (gender, age, interests)
• What they browse on the web
• How long they stay on certain pages
• From what sources they come to your website (organic, social, paid ads)
• Which products do they add to the cart
• Which pages do they stay on the most
• What is the rate of page abandonment
• Do you achieve the set goals and in what time frame, etc.

There is a lot of data being offered in Google Analytics so it might even look a little overwhelming at first. Here are a few important reports to follow in GA.

Goal setting

In the beginning, it is important to set goals that you will follow. These can be, for example, clicks on the contact form, downloads, subscribing to the newsletter, etc. Goals are there to measure what exactly you want your visitors to do on the website.

Acquisition / Source / Media report

In this section, you will see from which source visitors come to your website. You’ll be able to compare data and see how organic your traffic is, how many visitors come from social platforms, Google ads, etc. You’ll be able to compare whether it’s worth investing more in Facebook or Google Ads marketing campaigns.

Control where most users come from

In this report, you can see track how many visits you have via mobile phone and how many via desktop devices or tablets. With this information, you will be able to see if you need to upgrade your mobile version of the website.

Behaviour Flow report

In this report, you will see how your audience behaves on the page. You will see where they entered the page, what they viewed in order, and on which page they left your site.

Connect your Google Ads account to Analytics

If you’re advertising on Google, then link that account to Analytics so you can track conversions and data in parallel. You’ll see details for each campaign individually from keyword performance, bids, search queries, and more.

Google Analytics gives us plenty of valuable data. So start using and following these metrics and try to make the most of them. If you see you don’t quite understand Google Analytics analysis, statistics, reports, feel free to contact our team today on 0800 237 665!