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Definition of AdWords: “AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of attracting visitors to a website through paid media. The most common form of paid advertising is Google AdWords or now known as Google Ads. The ads appear above and below the organic search results in Google.

Paid search allows for the accurate measurement of ROI performance.

The power of google advertising is that you can target your audience and get clicks right from the start. As you obtain more clicks, campaigns may be refined and optimised – this allows us to effectively run your campaign & drive conversions.

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    Our Process
    • Competitor Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Audience Targeting
    • Advert Copy
    • Optimisation
    • Reporting

    Why Google Advertising?

    Get Faster Results

    PPC marketing refers to your adverts being prioritised by search engines over organic search results. This means your adverts are more effective.

    Target The Right People

    Google advertising enables you to narrow down your targeting scope, displaying your adverts to potential customers who are more likely to convert.

    Choose Your Budget

    You pay what you can afford according to your potential audience range & marketing goals.

    Ad Type

    Choose the type of advertising format you want. For instance, text only, image-and-text, shopping and video marketing.

    Customise Your Ads

    We customise your adverts according to information like your audience’s interest, location and gender.


    If potential customers have seen your offerings and decided not to take them, try again with retargeting to improve conversion rate.

    6 Reason Why To Use Google Ads

    A large section of the population does market research online before purchasing a product. By not having your product visible online, you give your competitor the upper hand. People spend around 2/3rds of their day online making it the perfect platform to reach your ideal customer.
    Using keywords is fundamentally important when it comes to marketing online because of search engines. Besides the fact that your company or product can be found easily by potential clients, you also have the ability to change out keywords in your AdWords Ad campaign when the need arises.
    Have a strict advertising budget? No problem, with AdWords you have the ability to set a budget for your ad ensuring that you do not overspend. By implementing conversion tracking you can track your ROI.
    Display your adverts on all relevant networks including shopping networks, search network, etc, pertaining to your product/service.
    The core of any business is having the best marketing strategy to attract leads because this turns into revenue for the company. This is the exact purpose of an AdWords ad campaign. With the help of AdWords you generate more clientele specific to your product/service.
    What makes AdWords unique is that you can track the ROI. With other conventional advertising methods there is no sure way of tracking how many of your targeted audience have been reached. With AdWords, however, you can. You can also opt for pay per click, ensuring that each click you pay for is a potential client.