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Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

Increase Website Traffic – Attract More Customers – Grow your Business

Over 1 million searches per day are processed by the Google search engine in New Zealand.


Google AdWords allows us to promote your business at the top of the search results on the first page of Google to an extremely well targeted audience of people looking for the products or services you provide.


Google is without doubt the most highly targeted form of advertising possible.

Tracking Options
  • Call Tracking: Effectively measure results with dedicated phone numbers linked to your advertising campaigns. Our call tracking service comes with in depth reporting, call recording and missed call notifications.


  • Conversion Tracking: Detailed reporting of the number of conversions and value of online sales generated by your advertising campaign.
Digital Marketing Agency Auckland NZ
Social Media Marketing Specialists

There are 3.2 million registered Facebook users in New Zealand, and up to 500,000 of these use Facebook on any given day.


Facebook advertising has huge advantages over traditional media such as TV, Radio or Print:


  • Location: Facebook offers complete control over location targeting. In some cases we may choose to only show to the local community. But Facebook also has global reach to target overseas visitors coming to New Zealand, or promote NZ products in overseas markets.


  • Demographics: Targeted advertising by age group or gender.


  • Interests: Highly targeted advertising to people with specified interests or occupations.

Display Advertising

Websites in the Google Display network receive over 8 million page views per day from people in New Zealand.


Display advertising promotes your brand by way of image ads shown on popular NZ and international websites to people in your targeted location. We also have the option to specify website topics and user interests to highly refine the target audience.

Mobile Display Advertising

Display advertising is available on desktop computers and/or mobile devices. With mobile targeting, we can narrow down the target location to within a few km for businesses who provide services to the local community.


Advertise back to people who have previously visited your website. Increase brand awareness and drive conversions.


We typically run re-marketing campaigns on websites in the Google Display Network, as it offers the widest range of placements to reach your customers.

Market Research

Our experienced Google analysts have access to a wealth of information on current market trends based on what people are searching for on Google.


We produce detailed reports on the brands, products and services people are interested in, which can be an invaluable resource for businesses planning their marketing strategy.