Landing page that converts

The landing page plays a very important role when it comes to conversions. It is the first point of contact between your website and a visitor. A landing page offers the most important information about the subject of the promotion and allows the visitor to get acquainted with the product/service or your brand. It is a stand-alone page that was created for the needs of the campaign but can also be found as a page within the website.

A quality landing page will increase the number of conversions and maximize ROI (Return on Investment). Landing pages can be the basis of PPC campaigns (Google Ads), while SEO optimization will also attract organic traffic.

Landing page essentials

1) Highlight the offer – It must be crystal clear to the target audience what is being offered and how and why they can benefit from the offer.

2) Call to Action – CTA buttons must be clearly visible and strategically placed on the landing page, so that the visitor wouldn’t have to scroll to the bottom or the beginning of the page in search of a button.

3) Visual elements – Images, and videos found on the landing page will certainly help keep the attention of visitors and also provide valuable information about the offer you are promoting.

4) Design – The design and content of the landing page work comprehensively to carry out the desired action. Attractive images, important headlines, visible CTA, and effective sign-up forms will help to convert your visitors to potential customers.

What to avoid

It is also important to mention some of the common errors which can jeopardize the success of your landing page, and they are loading of the page, lack of information about the offer, non-responsive design (mobile/tablet), and complicated forms.


The landing page shouldn’t be complicated, but neither lacks the information. Also, make sure the page is accurately linked to analytic tools, so you can track the results. If you have got an engaging landing page on your website, then you will encourage search traffic, increase conversions, and gather more qualified leads.

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