2022 Web Design Trends

Trends and styles in web design are constantly changing. But the one thing that remains constant is ensuring a modern website design and easy navigation on the page. When potential customers visit your website, it is often the first impression they have about your company or your brand. These days people spend more time online than ever before and in just 5 seconds they will form an opinion about a particular website. Therefore, it is important to attract their attention and to make human feelings intertwine with the digital world.

Minimalism and purity

Always popular for its simple aesthetic beauty and function. It is also advisable not to have too much text, simple fonts, easy navigation, and up to a maximum of 3 colours per page.

Parallax animation

Parallax is extremely popular in the last few years. It raises the page to a new level and gives it a modern look. When users scroll down the page or “scroll” it creates the effect that the content in the foreground hovers above the background, providing a special effect.

3D Elements

Thanks to 3D motion, an object that does not move can look as if it is actually moving. This can make your design stand out among thousands of other websites.

Empty space

The empty space is designed in such a way as to leave a gap between the design elements. This is a useful thing in design because it creates the feeling that the content on the page is not cluttered, but neat and easy to read. Empty space can also focus on a specific element to attract attention.


As a substitute for creating your own photos or buying images through online platforms, illustrations can be very interesting. The use of illustrations allows a total adjustment to your needs depending on the industry being presented.

Eye-pleasing colours

Palettes of more neutral colours are back in fashion. As in most cases, the white background colour this time deviates a bit, and is replaced by “dim” natural colours such as green, brown, light pink or pastel blue.


Whatever web design trends you choose, make sure it is also in line with your brand, your values and goals. And don’t forget the golden rule when it comes to web design – the responsiveness of the website, making sure the website looks good on all screen sizes.

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